Quality is important to our business as we value our clients and want to deliver services that meet and exceed their expectations. We at Polymedia Services appreciate that our clients in turn value their customers; therefore, we ensure that the services we deliver provide the best in class experience to the customers.

We are committed to continuous improvement and have established a Quality Management System (QMS), which provides a framework for monitoring and adjusting our performance to improve quality.

What Systems?

We have a number of processes and procedures in place to monitor quality from the briefing of the project to the successful delivery. At each stage of the project, we gather feedback and implement adjustments where necessary.

What processes and procedures do we have in place to ensure the successful delivery of our service?

  • Dedicated Project Management from concept to delivery
  • Selection of employees, associates and suppliers against the agreed criteria
  • Regular client meetings to collect customer feedback
  • Risk assessment, communication and control at every stage of the project
  • Training and development for all staff, induction for new staff

What processes and procedures do we have in place to measure the effectiveness of our QMS?

We comply with the standards set by a number of professional bodies, e.g. The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), formerly known as the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE) and Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). Membership to these professional bodies and regular meetings with our clients enable us to constantly monitor and improve our QMS.

How do we communicate our quality policy to our staff, customers and suppliers?

We ensure all our staff has copies of our policy in their induction and training. We also have a copy of our policy on our website and we provide all our clients access to our policy via our website. We expect all our suppliers to have their own policy with continuous improvement and customer focus.

Who is responsible for Quality in our business?

Whilst, the ultimate responsibility for Quality lies with the Managing Director, all our employees have a responsibility to deliver quality and add value to our clients in the areas of their responsibility.

How often do we review our policy?

Our policy is reviewed at our Annual General Meeting but, its effectiveness is measured during our day-to-day monitoring of our QMS. Where necessary, changes are made and communicated.

May 2009 

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